Featured : Critiqued on "artphotofeature magazine aug / sep '14 issue"

以前Flcikrで批評文つけてもらったやつがappマガジンの方にも掲載されたみたいです。見開きなんだけど紙じゃないと見開きドーンだぜ!って いう感じには見えないもんだね。まぁキャプションとか批評文ついてそれらしくは見えるかな。せっかく批評文書いてもらったので勝手に転載させてもらいます ね。書いてくれたKristinに感謝です。Thank you !

Although there are so many exquisite, simply brilliant shots in our pool, this one has been one of my favourites from day one. It is hard to describe exactly why, because this image triggers a very instinctive, emotional reaction in me that is not easily captured in words. I simply love the greyish, delicate tones, the way the protagonist is compared to one of the huge flowers towering above her – or him? – turning the human presence into something poetic, elusive, and immensely beautiful. But although there are similarities, it’s the differences that keep me watching here. The flowers are stretching into the sky, trying to catch the sunlight. The human figure has no interest in that. She merely stands still, frozen in time before she is caught in the black net before her.
More than anything, this shot evokes questions, rather than answers. Where are we? What are these flowers? What will happen next? Yet, the answers do not matter. Mankichi Shinshi has created a beautiful, otherworldly reality that we love to be a part of. It’s unclear where we are, why we are there, or how we got here, but we sure want to stay here for a while.